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Kevin and Amanda Davis

Kevin Davis is a 34 year old construction worker from Lancaster, PA. While Kevin did make some mistakes in his early twenties, he eventually got his life together and has been a productive member of the community ever since. Kevin met Amanda a couple years ago. Amanda, 30, was a single mom of five children, Jenny, Samantha, Denise, Kim, and Wendy, two of whom have special needs. They fell in love, and Kevin quickly became a loving father and steadfast provider of the family. Early in the summer of 2015, Kevin and Amanda learned that Amanda was pregnant with their sixth child. This would be the first boy born into this family.

Sadly, Amanda's pregnancy would not be as easy as her previous pregnancies. Early in the fall, Amanda was diagnosed with gall stones and pancreatitis. She requires surgery, but cannot have surgery because it will endanger the life of the baby. Amanda is currently restricted to bed, takes medication every couple of hours, and is fed through a feeding tube every four hours. Amanda struggles with constant pain, and complications such as her feeding tube getting clogged and needing to be cleared, and dehydration. Her condition is managed at Hershey Medical Center, so she is frequently transported from her home in Lancaster to Hershey. The family has an old van that is unreliable that they use to get her to and from Hershey. Because of the intensity of her care, and the care of their five children, Kevin was forced to quit his job to take care of his family. As a result, the family is experiencing family hardship. While this family also has the support of Kevin's parents, and Amanda's parents, their needs have exhausted the resources of the extended family as well.

Kevin and Amanda are proud people. They were reluctant to apply for public assistance and do not like asking for help and support. But, with no other choice available to them, they applied, and receive some public assistance. They also did not reach out to us for help. It was Kevin's mother who reached out to us on their behalf. For the privacy of this family and the security of their children, they also requested that we refrain from revealing their true identity when referring to their family. Kevin and Amanda look forward to being able to get off public assistance and to be self supporting as soon as this crisis is over.

We are currently raising funds to help Kevin and Amanda. In addition, we are also looking for the donation of a vehicle that is reliable and is large enough to support two adults, and six children with one in a car seat. Finally, we are also looking for churches who can prepare food occasionally for the family, and can adopt this family for Christmas. The ages of the girls are 14, 12, 10, 8, and 6 years old.

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